Interview: the Last Straw

My latest novel ‘THE LAST STRAW’ is an analysis, criticism, and screed against the second film in the Disney Star Wars trilogy, THE LAST JEDI, uttered with all the disappointed outrage of an offended fanboy, adorned by the wickedly poisoned pen of an editorial opinion-writer, but composed with the cold, critical eye of a professional storyteller.

If you left the theater feeling disappointed, and perhaps even betrayed, by this flaming dumpster-fire of a film but cannot say exactly why, this book breaks down exactly how and where everything went wrong, and, more to the point, why.   This originally was meant to be simply a humor column written for my circle of friends, but the tale grew in the telling. So much was wrong, and so badly wrong, in THE LAST JEDI, that the column grew into a series, and the movie criticism turned into a treatise on art, life, and the human condition.

By all means, read the whole thing