Not Tired of Winning XCVIII — Premature Hope

This is not actually a win, yet, but it is a good sign. So this is merely a hope, perhaps premature, that sanity might return to the sporting world.

From Breitbart:


Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube has introduced a bill which aims to ensure that women and girls sports remain a fair playing field by prohibiting the use of federal funds to support any athletic event where a biological male identifying as a woman attempts to compete against biological female athletes.

The “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” (H. R. 5603), was introduced this month to protect women and girls in competitive sports.

“With the House passage of H.R. 5 earlier this Congress, women and girls participating in competitive sports across the country are at risk of losing the equal playing field they were guaranteed by the Education Amendments of 1972,” Congressman Steube said in his January 14 press release. “We must protect our female athletes from being forced to compete against biological male athletes in competitive sports.”

The bill would require terms for gender in Title IX spending to be defined as that “determined by a physician at birth” instead of by a person seeking to “identify” as a gender.

Am I the only one who finds that picture really disturbing?

Meanwhile, in a related story, Andrew Klavan, international best selling author and Edgar Award Winner, wit, pundit, and man of letters, criticized a television show for portraying a female swordsman in a medieval-flavored fantasy show as being able to combat trained soldiers, when, in real life, a woman in pitched battle with a sword against a man would lose one hundred percent of the time.

And all the crazies went crazy. But perhaps that is a column for another time.