Not Tired of Winning Yet XCIX

Technically, this is due to the common sense and sense of fairplay for which the subjects of Her Majesty the Queen have always been justly lauded, particularly those voters in the north country, coal miners and manual laborers, who realized that the Labor Party had betrayed their interests and hated their nation, and generally despised them.

Nonetheless I list it here as a victory for Trump, since the same wind fills his sails as theirs.

But first, to put this in perspective, this is from Van Jones, from four years ago, when Brexit was first voted into law.

The fact that he proposes the link between Trump and Brexit is what persuaded me to list this victory as one more entry in “Not Tired of Winning” (I am not sure if you need to be on facebook to see the video. I could not find a copy on YouTube).

Van Jones announces this to be the end of the world.

He regards it as not merely racist, foolish, and economically disastrous, but lunatic, that the British should wish to remain British, rather than having their nation overrun by hostile foreigners, and their underage daughters and sons raped and sodomized by grooming gangs.

The weird parochialism of a man who advocates multiculturalism is an unintentionally unselfaware self-condemnation, and when combined with the ugly contempt for the common man as little better than gorillas or devils, the evil and the folly involved is simply breathtaking.

His abysmal ignorance of economics disguised as a expertise is par for the course. One cannot be a Leftist without the sophomoric vainglory of calling one’s own blindness insightful, or naming one’s own shallowness profound.

(Leftism is not a political movement but a psychological condition of dealing with mental and moral inferiority complexes via unhealthy delusion, denial, self-flattery, and projection.)

But the man was wise enough to foresee the victory of Trump. He actually, if reluctantly, admits that the Left in America, as in Britain, have shown no concern for the common man.

This is from Carl Benjamin, fearless battler of crime under the codename Sargon of Akkad:

If the Left could learn to be graceful in victory and humble in defeat, it would be proper to maintain dignity in triumph, and refrain from rubbing the faces of the loutish loudmouthed filth in the stew of their own well deserved and long overdue defeat.

Congratulations to all Brexiteers and to the United Kingdom! We salute those who fight in a just cause.