At Long Lost! Giants of Pangaea!


Colonel Preston Lost didn’t think of himself as reckless. He believed in preparation, proper equipment, and patience in stalking the prey. But, in reality, he was not a cautious man. Having followed a spaceship into the black storm clouds above the Bermuda Triangle, he flew through a time portal to the end of days, and crash-landed on Pangaea Ultima with few supplies and no way of returning home.

Lost is a man of many talents, though, and anything should be possible for him. Having found himself in a world at war, he decides to embark on a journey to set things right. Little things like uniting the races of Man and freeing the slaves should be easy for a man of many talents, right?

But the prophecies say he is also a man of importance, and the rulers of the land are willing to do anything to get their hands on him. Having made inroads on race relations—getting a Third Man to talk to a Seventh—he just needs to find the love of his life, the Atlantean Cynisca, and free the slaves from the races of Man that don’t want to give them up.

Can Lost stay out of the clutches of the Watchers long enough to accomplish his goals, or, this time, is it possible his talents won’t be enough?

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