The Shape of Lostness

I received this in a letter from a Mr. Coney, which was so striking to me, I asked his permission to share it here with my dear readers:

Regarding the Left, the last time I was in the US was 2015-17 and while I was there I was shocked at how extreme, aggressive and insane liberalism has become, how detached from reality.  I found my mind occupied with leftist ideology, having imaginary conversations in my head, getting angry, and so forth.  When I was in prayer about it the Lord spoke a single sentence into my mind:  “It’s just the shape that lostness is taking in this generation.”

He goes on to say:

The left today is no more separate from Christ than were respectable people in the 1950’s, though these latter probably had happier lives overall because they operated out of a much greater knowledge of reality than do members of the Left today.  In fact, the amount of pain that comes to proponents of Progressivism today from living blindfolded may drive mass numbers of them to repent.  That is my prayer.  God turns our trash into something good.