Princess Aura, Beautiful Daughter of Ming, the Merciless

Some illustrations in honor of a certain wicked space princess who shall go unnamed.

My Jesuit lawyer, Father de Casuistry, commands me to add a disclaimer: All characters, but especially Princess Aspasia of Io, appearing in my work, THE SPACE DESPOT’S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER  are fictitious. Any resemblance to real space princesses, living or dead, or drawn by Alexander O. Raymond, is purely coincidental. No identification with actual persons, places, or planets is intended or should be inferred.

But if such identification is not made, then all my hard work aping Princess Aura with such slavish and skintight particularity will have gone to waste!


“Because, my Princess, you are a woman and beautiful … Because I can no longer deny that I love you!”

And who among us, in a fit of jealous rage, having donned  a mask and loincloth to swordfight his best friend on a tightrope over a radioactive arena of flaming knives for the hand of an evil space princess, has not felt the same way?