Not Tired of Winning Yet CXIV


Usually, I quote or post a link to some column explaining the good news  when good new erupts. At this juncture, it is happening so fast, and the news columns are thick as Autumn leaves, I see no point.

Type in Flynn’s name to Google, and Google will present nothing but leftwing propaganda sources in your results. Read the headlines, and assume the exact opposite is the case, and you will have a pretty good thumbnail sketch of what is going on.

I assume anyone following the Alt Press, or hearing the screaming falsehoods alternating with eerie silence issued from the MiniTru Press, knows that the coverup, abuse of power, alteration of documents, perjury and entrapment of Flynn is becoming unraveled, and the Joe Biden’s name is on the list of dirty actors.

The question becomes (as one wag put it) “What did Joe Biden know? And when did he forget it?”

Obamagate is the biggest political scandal in American history: an attempted coup d’etat by the crooked Obama Administration, crooked FBI and CIA leadership, the New York Times,  the Clinton crime family, colluding, you guessed it, with Russia to frame the President and anyone in his incoming Administration as Russian spies, in order to discredit and imprison them, and wound him.

The evidence Adam Schiff repeatedly said he had seen, which he called “stronger than circumstantial” proving Trump colluded with Russians to hack the 2016 elections — it was all a lie from the get-go, and anyone who bought that hogwash is a chump.

And more than a chump. That degree of naivety does not come without hard work and repeated application of the self-hypnosis drug called doublethink.

The MiniTru press is not reporting on this, or is merely barking outrageous falsehoods convincing to no one, because they press was one of the main conspirator directing the operation, assuring Obama and his treasonous minions that none of their evil deeds would come to public light, and that no one would be embarrassed, much led charged with their crimes or punished.

The Mouth of Sauron is now saying that William Barr’s uncovering the corruption of justice at the DOJ is a corruption of justice; and saying moreover that the abuse of power by the Obama Administration for partisan political purposes is not an abuse of power for partisan political purposes, but the Trump Administration uncovering and prosecuting it, is.

Such is moral relativism in action.

And had it not been for the miraculously unlikely victory of Trump in 2016, they would have gotten away with it, and with all of it, no questions asked.

Long overdue. It will a miracle if any of these dirty cops and crooked politicians gets punished, but the prayers of the faithful worked such wonders erenow.

Joshua is done marching in circles about the walls with the Ark. The priests are beginning to blow the horns. Will the stones crack? We shall see.