Not Tired of Winning Yet CXXV

Do you remember how often alleged allies and concern trolls told us that calling out the Democrats for their racism was futile and wrongheaded?

Beverlin says Black Women are not about feminism. They marry their husbands and respect their husbands. That is not their community.

This wonderful woman is not my race — I identify as a Houyhnhnm — but she of my sister in Christ, and she is my fellow America whose blood is red, white and blue no less than mine.

Trump has a simple message for the Blacks in this nation: What the hell do you have to lose?

Note that the first half of this clip is talking politics, but the second half is preaching the Word. These women get it.

The current minions of the Enemy is a communist group called Black Lives Matter, whose political platform is to destroy black lives. They are combined with a fascist group called Antifascist Action, abbreviated Antifas, whose program is to spread hate, chaos, and destruction. Like their father, the Devil, the minions accuse the brethren day and night.

We are not in a culture war. We are in a religious war. It is Christ versus a pantheon of heretics.

The abortionists worship Moloch, who hungers for the blood of children. The feminists worship Lilith, queen of witches. The social justice warriors serve the twisted sea-serpent Leviathan, the prince vainglory, and the socialists adore Mammon, to whom love of money is the source of all virtue. Dagon, who defiled the tablets of the law, is the true spirit behind the anarchists and rioters, as Belial is the spirit behind the drug culture, and all the forms of opium and intoxication. All serve Lucifer, the Father of Lies.

The Left serves hate in the name of love, promotes intolerance in the name of tolerance, and spreads racism in the name of combating it. This is not the fringe, not some small group of scattered weirdos clinging to the hem of their movement. This is their mainstream front-runners and office holders.

Make no mistake. The Dems just abandoned the cities they control to the flames, in order to punish the Blacks trapped in the ghettos there.

Punished for what? The highest employment numbers and best wages in history. The Blacks had hope under Trump.

Mass vandalism, mass rioting, mass arson will shut down and drive out all the businesses bringing wealth and work ethic to the inner city. This is not something done, except for hate’s sake. Dems hate Blacks.

She calls out the name of Jesus. It is not a discussion. It is not even a sermon.

It is exorcism.