BLM ruins MLB

Major League Baseball has adopted a policy of showing disrespect to the flag during the national anthem now that Major League sports has begun again.

A republic who not only tolerates but encourages contempt for herself, her symbols, and her spirit during her leisure times and holidays cannot long endure.

The NFL, the NBA, the MLB, and NASCAR all now officially hate America and their loyal customers.

I am not a sports fan, but my heart goes out to those that are. My own pastime, the science fiction field, officially went fully “woke”, that is, embraced the Anti-Life Equation and lost all reason, decency, and free will quite recently.

Major comic book companies did likewise, and I hear from my friends who are gamers that the corruption is deep, very deep, in the gaming community as well.

The personal is political. So, now, the sports fans of America get to be heckled by wokescolds for the thoughtcrime of wrongfun. You may only have fun in the approved fashion, comrade.

Major newspapers, by no coincidence, have started printing editorials claiming that thoughtcrime fans have no place in sports, their money is not wanted, their loyalty is not wanted.

Two generations of our young have been raised to regard our Founding Fathers as villains, our history as shameful, our religion as superstition, our nation as uniquely evil. Years ago, the seeds were planted while we slept. That fruit grows ripe.

War is coming.