Not Tired of Winning Yet CXXXVIII

Trump promised during his campaign that we would get tired of winning, that we would cry out, “It is too much! I cannot take all this winning!”

Well, it is true. So much winning is happening, that I cannot keep up.

Here are some stories I’ve missed in recent days and weeks:

There is also news of a recovering economy, no federal aid spent on cities burned down by Democrat rioters, no more statues being torn down, riots being quelled, Antifas being arrested in droves, and some movement, finally, against Big Tech censorship of the Internet — baby steps, but still something. That story is here.

Kamala Harris has been announced as the Democrat candidate to replace Biden once he is in office. The media have all roared with a single voice, reading from a script, that Big Brother Loves Her, and you must also, because nothing about the content of her character matters, only her skin. As a half-Indian, she now identifies as a Negress, while Elizabeth Warren identifies as a Redskin. But not the team, which identifies itself as “The Washington Team.”

Nonetheless, this is not winning enough.

Where are the arrests for the Russia Hoax? Where are the impeachments for the Dem politicians who abused the impeachment process? Why is the FISA Court still in business? Why no arrest of Clinton?

Why no investigation of the death of Geoffrey Epstein? Why no Imperial Stormtroopers shooting rioters dead in the streets like womp-rats?

Myself, I regret that I cannot boycott sports teams whom I do not patronize, but I do wish some athletes would be fired, and some team owners pushed out the airlock, for their contempt of our nation. I notice none of these ball clubs, nor, for that matter, any tech giants from silicon valley, have a harsh word to say about China.

We were promised that those who get woke go broke, but no one has gone broke yet, and the rabid schizoid wokescolds are now hounding George RR Martin, who was one their more famous leader and booster in my profession.

I have no great pity for Mr. Martin, for reasons that need not be recited here, but if he is not immune from the headless yet yammering monster of the Twitter Inquisition, no one is.