It is ironic to note that the Democrat party, before its takeover and corruption by Critical Intersectionalist Social Justice Marxthink under Clinton and Obama, vocally, publicly, and energetically promoted and supported the idea of a colorblind, nonracist society, and held up the ideal voiced by Martin Luther King as the holy words of a crowned and halo’d saint: the dream of a day when men were judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

In the current intellectual season among the secular elite, the idea of a colorblind society is scorned and despised. Indeed, to be colorblind, that is, to be nonracist, is racist.

For example, California is now contemplating and voting on doing away with their anti-discrimination laws, so that the government can legally grant privileges and benefits on the basis of race. Likewise, colleges and universities are creating racially segregated lounges and dorms and so on.

So the Civil Rights Movement’s ideal of a colorblind society is not only unfashionable among the modern secularists, it is actually racist. The Democrat Party no longer supports nonracism.

In the same way that Marxthink renders schools able to spread Marxthink but unable to teach the young, renders the entertainment industry able to spread Marxthink, but unable to make entertainment, and renders the mainstream news industry able to spread Marxthink but unable to gather and report the news, so, too, here, the political party of Andrew Jackson, called Democrat, is able to spread Marxthink but unable to act as a political party.

A political party is ordered toward a specific end: namely, to elucidate a vision and plan for the maintenance and reform of policies and laws touching the common good, and garner support, promote candidates, and gather votes in support of that vision and plan.

Classical Victorian Socialism, as described by Karl Marx, in decades past, had a vision of a socialist Utopia, a secular version of the New Jerusalem foretold by Saint John.

Marxthink is not classical Socialism. Marxist Socialism proposes that society is based on classes, one wholly of wage-earners who never invest, one wholly of investors who never earn wages. (In reality, every factory hand who invests in a 401K retirement scheme is a capitalist as well as a laborer — but Karl Marx never trifles with this detail.)

These two classes are locked in a remorseless and inevitable Darwinian zero-sum struggle of oppressor and oppressed. (In reality, all economic activity, not just hiring labor for wages, exists only when both parties expect mutual advantage.)

Marx in a crystalline mystic vision foresees that all investors will create an ever larger monopoly controlled by ever fewer plutocrats, and all wage-earners will be reduced to ragged starvation, triggering a violent revolution, in whose aftermath will arise, by Tinkerbell magic, a socialist Utopia. (In reality, Tinkerbell will perish of her wounds unless you really do believe in fairies, children, and clap your hands loud and long.)

In this Utopia, classes are abolished, and all means of production are communally owned. The economic realities such as the law of supply and demand and the disutility of labor softly and suddenly vanish away, like a Baker meeting a Boojam. Meanwhile fully cooked larks fly out of the clouds into the upturned mouths of idlers lolling in poppy fields nigh plashing wine-fountains in the shade of the nutmeg-flower tree, as in the medieval visions of the land of Cockaigne.

Marxthink, or Intersectionalism, proposes not a Darwinian struggle between two equally fictional classes of laborers and capitalists, but between all races, between both sexes, between the chaste and the perverted, and between those who suffer gender dysphoria and those who do not, and, for some reason not clear to me, in defiance of all logic, history,and common sense, the Mohammedans are the oppressed class victimized by the Jew and the Kafir.

The core idea of Intersectionalism is that all human relations are a power struggle without mercy, compassion, or remorse, merely disguised as normal social relations, and especially relations of mutual benefit and mutual respect, such as marriages or personal friendships or business relationships.

All human relations are merely disguises hiding the mutually destructive dog-eat-dog struggle for power which is the only true reality.

Hence, everyone is a victim of oppression in some of his relations, and is an oppressor in others. For example, as when a black man befriends a white women; he is oppressed by her because his race is inferior, and she is oppressed by him because her sex is inferior. And each oppresses the other. Both are victims.

This oppression and victimization is a mechanical by product of civilized institutions, and the guilt or innocence or any intentional or unintentional acts, has nothing to do with the question. Even if the two fall in love and wed, he is still a sexist because he is male, and she is still a racist because she is white.

Hence, any member of any designated oppressor category is an oppressor, a bigot, and a devil by definition, regardless of his thought, word, or deed.

The rage, rioting, burning, looting and bloodshed, at least, insofar as the mass media of the current intellectual season portrays it, is the understandable and inevitable byproduct of all these institution of oppression in which all persons are unwillingly contributing participants, hence robbery is reparations for the past injustices of individuals with no relationship whatsoever with any current situation.

But since Intersectionalism proposes that the oppressed of one group is the oppressor of another, all violence against all groups whatsoever, in theory, should be justified. Blacks can rob and murder in revenge for antebellum slavery, but women can abort black babies in revenge for the dehumanizing objectification of the male gaze. Or something.

There is a promise of violent revolution, but no promise of utopia, or even improvement, to take place after. Racism is the Original Sin, but there is neither baptism nor confession nor absolution for it.

Marxthink, or Intersectionalism, is not a program meant to improve anything, merely to criticized, deconstruct, disparage, and destroy.

There is no cure, no proposal for improvement, no promised Utopia. As absurd and logically fallacious Karl Marx and his dreams of Cockaigne might have been, he at least held out the promise of a fairyland as part and parcel of his pied piper promises. Intersectionalism promises only flames and riots, tumult and revenge.

Once you’ve burned your own neighborhood down, and all the businesses have fled, you’ve torn down statues and unpersonned Washington, Columbus, and the Virgin Mary, once you’ve released all the crooks and rapists back onto the streets without bail, abolished the police, and once you have invited countless mobs of strangers and jihadists from overseas to flood your streets, burned courthouses, and outlawed firearms, once you have censored and smothered hate speech and contrary opinions on matters a diverse as epidemic medicines and global warming, or once you have packed the Supreme Court with eleven justices, or thirteen, added two new states to the Union, and abolished the Electoral College … what then? What is the plan?

Once you have one-party rule in the federal level, and every city is as clean as Baltimore, as crime-free as New York, and prosperous as Portland, what then? Totalitarianism and anarchy are both possible results, but not at the same time and in the same sense.

Please note that reading of DAS KAPITAL no matter how closely will reveal not a single word, not a jot nor tittle, concerning the rights of transgender dysphoriacs or sodomites, and race is mentioned only in reference to the work conditions of potters and tropic slave-plantations.

In the current intellectual season among the secular elite, Marxism itself has fallen afoul of Marxthink, and can no longer spread and promote Marxism.

Marxism at least claimed to be the result of rational and scientific thinking, whereas, if the current intellectual season among the secular elite can be rightly judged from the public declaration of, for example, the Smithsonian Museum of African History and Culture, along with problematic shortcomings such as punctuality and individualism, rational and scientific thinking are actually signs of white privilege, hence of unconscious racial supremacy bias, hence ungood, if not plusungood.

Marxthink is the fashionable opinion of current intellectual season among the secular elite.

But it only promotes the screaming, shrieking combination of anti-White, anti-American, anti-Westernism, all following and serving the Spirit of Antichrist.