All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 16.0 Aftermath

All Men Dream of Earthwomen, Noetic File 16.0 Aftermath, is now posted.

Noetic File 16.0: Aftermath

The Narrator, in the famous passage, utters the model or standard form of nuptial proposal used, even to this day, by colonists attracting brides to pioneering. The alert student will notice conjunctions, figures, and even phrases used in many an encomium, ode or epithalamion of frontier poets.

He also indulges in indelicate description provoked by immoderate erotic longings.

While some crudity is noteworthy here, let is be recalled that ancestors are to be lauded and glorified precisely because of great accomplishments contributing to civic growth. But great heights are reached from lowest deeps, of necessity. As the Apothegmist observes: a barbarian built civilization, as an illiterate invented writing.

That being said, this file is not for those with immature or atypical bio-neurolinguistic responses. No visual reenactments are permitted.