Not Tired of Winning Yet CXLVII

Trump brokered an historic Israel-Sudan peace deal

The agreement is the third of its kind in recent weeks between Israel and an Arab nation and follows similar agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. President Trump said at least five additional Arab countries could join peace deals with Israel, including Saudi Arabia.


To his credit, President Trump rejected the advice of the foreign policy establishment — especially State Department careerists — that the first step toward normalized relations between Israel and the Arab world had to be an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

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My comment: it was those selfsame State Department careerists, named above, who orchestrated the phony impeachment against Donald Trump.

If you recall the “High Crime and Misdemeanor” of which he was charged was an abuse of power, namely, interfering with a longstanding State Department system of international bribes and permanent low-level war.

Everything the news has been saying for years is a hoax, and the schools, the race-baiters, the celebrities, and bankers and financiers, were all in league. The serfs and taxpayers of various nations, through crooked international trade deals, had their money shop-vac’d up through corrupt politicians to the plutocracy, who then arranged the media giants, tech giants, and arms dealers to benefit and to be benefitted by the permanent political class.

The politicians seen by the public, by and large, are merely puppets. They no more run the government than an actor, rather than the film producers, the directors and backstage crew, runs the movie franchise in which he appears.

And Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.