Repeal 22

An advertisement in favor of repeal of the 22nd Amendment.

This ad did not convince me to join the movement being promoted, but seeing the responses and replies from weeping and anxiety-ridden Leftists appended to the Twitter entry of this vid, a deep and solemn sense of schadenfreude convinces me of the desirability of the repeal.

Twelve more years!

I was not able to find the ad in its original form, but only with Dailywire’s Ben Shapiro making a comment.

Odd as it seems, this ad was created by confidence tricksters working with something called the Lincoln Project, which consist of unemployed political consultants, Republican in name only, now unemployed since the political landscape no longer allows for endless GOP preemptive surrender to the Socialists. They have already rooked millions from unwary Dems afflicted with fifth-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome.

I think it is the melancholy music that makes it particularly knee-slappingly funny. Many kudos to the actress, who was able to utter such a line without breaking into laughter, no doubt after many dozens of takes.

Poor child! We are to imagine that all the horrors of Trumpism will descend upon his wee head: prosperity springing from a tax cut, peace in the Middle East, freedom from Democrat crime-family corruption, a federal government that stays carefully within Constitutional bounds, a Second Amendment, a First Amendment, his schools flushed clean of race-baiting theories, and, God willing, his sisters and brothers not killed in the womb by the neurotic mother.

The target audience of this video apparently are willing to suspend their disbelief for the sake of make believe that young children follow politics so closely and vehemently that they would rather hear election results than sleep.

This advert also makes one regret that a woman needs no license to become a mother. How badly raised must this child be, if he is provoked by election outcomes. Even in the hypothetical, the case is no worse than what Democrat idol and darling, the socialist FDR did.

Or perhaps the hypothetical is that Mr. Trump, and all his voters, will simply ignore the 22nd Amendment.

If so, ‘twould be an odd accusation indeed, considering that Mr. Trump has never overstepped the boundaries of the Constitutional limitations on his office, never weaponized the IRS against his political foes, nor used the Intelligence agencies of the government to spy on them, not killed American citizens overseas via drone strikes without due process, nor made treaties with terrorist nations without consulting the Senate, nor threatened to pack the court, nor declared an insurrection against the Democrat governors and mayors supporting, aiding, and abetting violent riots in major US cities.