The clearest description of the fraud being attempted comes from overseas. I suggest watching at least the first ten minutes of Carl Benjamin’s podcast:

My Comment:

Forgive my stoic optimism, but I am confident that the current commotion surrounding the Presidential vote counting both will fail and will recoil badly on the Dems.

It is to be remembered that if a corrupt news organ “calls” a state for one candidate or the other, this has no legal meaning.

The fact that certain newsmen have called states where votes are still outstanding, while refusing to call other states where the outcome is mathematically inevitable, merely decreases their already sub-zero credibility.

As anyone with eyes could see months ahead of time, the Dems were going to use mail-in ballots to bollox the election.

What no one predicted was that they would commit the act so brazenly, by halting vote counts in jurisdictions trending against them, and then by forging ballots in the thousands before resuming the count.

It is the ten thousand ballots, all for Biden, without a single Trump vote, all found in the same fifteen minute interval, that prompts the jovial soul to a howl of laughter.

I might indeed fret, and been moved to frustrating indignation rather than derision if I fear the outcome. And I would fear the outcome had I not seen the Hand of God moving in this nation in the last three years — I do not believe a billionaire adulterer reality TV star has the ability to broker peace in the Middle East any more than I believe a shepherd boy can slay a giant with a slingstone.

The inexpert way in which this fraud was and is being perpetrated in at least two jurisdictions reminds one of the murder of Jeffrey Epstein: a thing done so blatantly, that one is equally astonished at the sheer effrontery.

One should wonder if this inability to disguise their fraud is product of confidence, or desperation, or neurosis, or the pride of Lucifer.