In Case You Were Wondering

In case you were wondering about my unshakable optimism in the face of what seems insurmountable odds, I note that events are unfolding in a way those promises greater victory, and deeper, than if Trump merely had won in a landslide.

The Trump legal team here makes an opening statement to the court of public opinion.

Among other things, it is here alleged that Trump won so many votes that the algorithm used by the fake voting machines to steal elections broke, and the vote count had to be stopped, so that more ballots had to be hastily concocted in rushed into place.

Even without further evidence, what Mr. Giuliani proposes seems to explain Biden’s performance despite the obvious lack of Biden enthusiasm among voters.

It explains the oddity of calling a halt to a vote count (something not seen ever before) and the greater oddity of disproportionate overperformance by Biden, and only by him, with no downballot votes at all, in specifically those counties needed, at the eleventh hour, to overcome substantial leads, and by votes counted when no observer or poll watcher was present. This is doubly odd in precincts where twice the number of people voted than are registered.

There were not enough dead people voting for the political machine party, that they had to have the machines vote also. And when those failed, they had to Xerox ballots on pristine paper, with no downballot votes, and rush them to the polling places on the sly.

The account put forward by Mr. Giuliani explains the reverse coat tails effect, something seen in no other election, where the top of the ticket sent more downballot votes to the opposing party than he pulled long with him.

It also explains why, in this election, the victories in Florida, Ohio and Texas did not act as a bellwether to predict general victory. Since 1900, Ohio has been accurate in picking a winning presidential candidate 93 percent of the time.

Another bellwhether is primary performance. The candidate with the better primary vote tended to win the general election. This model predicted over 360 electoral votes to Trump. And, indeed, if the battleground states were all won for Trump by legitimate votes, the prediction is remarkably accurate. And, again, Mr. Giuliani’s account would explain why this bellwether was also wildly inaccurate this one time.

And, again, this account explain also why the polling numbers promoted by the mainstream media, that is, by the Fake News, where inaccurate to a degree never seen before, and all in one direction. The Fake News was part of the conspiracy, indeed, a central part.

Meanwhile, the Soros-owned minions among the Dominion Voting Machine firm have gone into hiding, and overnight have moved out of their offices.

Keep in mind that the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ is often used as a term of opprobrium, merely as a slur to silence an accuser. In reality, conspiracies do exist — please note that not a single nation in history ever turned communist without a conspirators acting secretly toward that end — and conspiracies to commit felonies, if probable cause exists, merit investigation, doubly so if the felony is major.

A theory that seeks to explain and otherwise inexplicable coincidence of illegal behavior by saying it was deliberately coordinated need not be dismissed out of hand, any more than any other theory. The question is whether the evidence supports the theory, and whether the theory best explains the evidence.

If even some of these allegations can be proved in court, the illegal or irregular ballots will be thrown out, and Trump will win a clear majority in several battleground states.

In the meanwhile, let us stop calling Mr. Biden ‘the President Elect’.

Myself, I do not insist on literal and technical uses of such terms in casual speech. We can call the projected winner by this term as a convenience. But, by any rational standard, with lawsuits making these allegations pending, Mr. Biden can no longer be projected to be the winner of the election.