Let Not Your Heart be Troubled

I have been praying a rosary daily for a peaceful and fair election. Convenient that there is one Ave for each state in the union.

Imagine being a soldier in King Saul’s army, and hearing that the King has just appointed a shepherd boy to go out and fight the undefeated champion of the philistines, Goliath of Gath. And the soldier next to you says, “Well, I hope at least they give him firm armor!”

And then you hear that the boy is not going to wear any armor, but is going out wearing just a tunic.

“Well!” says the soldier next to you. “At least the King will give the lad a stout spear made of ashwood from Lebanon, the product of the smith’s craft, with a solid bronze blade!”

And then you hear the boy is not going to carry a spear…

That is the way I feel about this election, and, indeed, about the course of this nation altogether.

All the soldiers are seeing it wrong. The giant is not facing David.
The giant is facing God.