Because it is difficult to find this information gathered anywhere, I thought I would gather it here. While it is too soon to be sanguine, the actual number of states still in play, the number of electoral votes, favor Trump:

Above is the map showing the uncontested ballots. It is not the map the news shows, which is fake.Let me emphasize that there are already a dozen witnesses or whistleblowers, some are GOP observers denied access to the vote counts, but others are poll workers who swear under oath and under pain of perjury that their supervisors ordered ballots forged, falsified, backdated and so on. Tens of thousands of ballots we have evidence showing them compromised, hundreds of thousands we therefore have probable cause to suspect.

So far, no state has certified her results. Contrariwise to Fox News,  Arizona is undecided. As of the time of this writing (9th November, AD 2020), there are ongoing legal challenges in seven states:

  • Arizona — 11 Electoral Votes at stake. As of the time of this writing, less than 20,000 separate the candidates. Plus, allegations of widespread voter fraud.
  • Georgia — 16 votes. Close enough to trigger an automatic recount.
  • Michigan — 16 votes. Biden allegedly ahead by 150,000  votes, of which 130,000 appeared suddenly in the wee hours. Also, voter machine irregularities alleged.
  • Nevada — 6 votes. There are massive numbers of out of state voters voting illegally here, and many more ballots opened without two observers, which renders them invalid.
  • North Carolina — 15 votes. As of the time of this writing, with 99% of countries reporting, it is mathematically impossible for Trump to lose.
  • Pennsylvania — 20 votes. One of the five ongoing legal challenges in this state is whether the State Supreme Court’s overstepping their authority to rewrite the ballot laws at the last minute is constitutional. This is an open and shut case, and only blatant corruption on the part of the US Supreme Court will not find for Trump. Numberwise, removing the illegal ballots, Biden loses Pennsylvania.
  • Wisconsin — 10 votes. Biden is apparently ahead by 20,000 votes. However, more ballots were counted in this state than the number of registered voters. Also, Wisconsin election clerks illegally modified thousands of ballots, which renders them invalid. Also, this is the state where, after calling an end to vote counting for the evening, some tens of thousands of ballots, 100% in favor of Biden, were somehow found at 4.00 AM.

At a conservative estimate, North Carolina votes Trump, putting him at 230. Pennsylvania, if stripped of illegal ballots, is also his, putting him at 250. The voter fraud in Wisconsin is particularly blatant, and, like Pennsylvania, the number of questionable ballots outnumbers Biden’s alleged lead. 270 votes.

At that point, Trump needs only win one more of the remaining four states, either when Georgia reports in, or after a lawsuit eliminates unlawful ballots in Arizona,  Nevada, Michigan.

But even supposing corruption in the courts of law prevent him, if the state legislatures, which are GOP in all these states, are convinced that the votes is fraudulent in their state, even if the court of law does not, they have the option to instruct the Electors as they see fit. This would be unprecedented, but not uncalled-for, given the circumstances.

If, for any reason, the Electoral College does not return a final vote by the due date, the matter is decided by a vote in the US House of Representatives … but the vote is by state convention, not by population, where the GOP outnumber the Dems handily.

There is reason for cautious optimism. The Fake News of a fake Biden win is merely to allow an excuse for the rioting and treason to follow.

But, riot or no riot, Wokeness died this election. Trump convinced enough blacks and minorities to our camp to render further accusations of so called white supremacy ineffectual.

If the past is any guide …. and in these insane days, it may not be …. the down ballot fiasco for the Dems, the lost House seats and lost local elections, spells the end of Nancy Pelosi’s career.

But I have a confession. It is for none of these reasons that I dismiss the prospect of a Biden win. My confidence is based on the volume of prayer and fasting rising up on behalf of Trump, and what he protects, and against the Empire of Lies.