Chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Jagi, here.  John and I are helping to launch a new Christian YA Science Fiction novel, JINJANG. This charming story of cultures clashing on a distant world where a day is as long as our year, written by a lovely Catholic fan of John’s who has been tremendously supportive of our family for some time now,  is being published by our son, Orville through Wisecraft Publishing.

Iris Paustian, the author, has graciously donated enough for three $50 Amazon gift cards. One will go to the person who helps us share JINJANG on social media the most (ie, shows us the most links to places/times shared), one will go to a drawing for everyone who shows us that they have shared info about the book: either this post or the Amazon link itself (or the Superversive SF post), and the last one will go either to the person who does the second most number of shares or to a second randomly drawn person, depending on what kind of a response we get.)  You have until Monday, January 11th, to participate!

Cover by the extremely talented Brent Donoho

As different as Night and Day.

Tender One lost her beloved brother and now someone seems to want Tender One dead. If she can overcome her culture shock maybe she will be able to discover what is going on before more harm is done.

Nub is fascinated by Tender One and her people, but he is also a prime suspect.

As cultures clash, friendships are formed in Jinjang.

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