Remember the Names

These are the Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, without any hearings or investigations, on blatantly frivolous charges:

  1. Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the third-ranking House Republican;

  2. John Katko of New York;

  3. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois;

  4. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio;

  5. Fred Upton of Michigan

  6. Peter Meijer of Michigan;

  7. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington state;

  8. Dan Newhouse of Washington state;

  9. Tom Rice of South Carolina;

  10. David Valadao of California.

Not a single Democrat in the House of Representatives voted against these pantomime clown articles of impeachment. Not one was willing faithfully to serve his oath of office. Not one.

How many were put in office by voting machines rather than by voters?

Like the election fraud itself, the contempt for the Constitution, the lack of law, betrayed by issuing such a vote is so obvious, and the evidence of bad faith so overwhelming, one is tempted to believe the point of it is to demonstrate before the helpless republic that we have neither rights, nor voice, nor manhood under the new regime.

Hail, Mao! Hail, Mammon! Hail, Moloch! Fall ye down and adore the Beast! — or if there are other names for the unclean spirits behind socialism, plutocracy, infanticide, and antichrist, let us not, even in jest, speak them.

The another possible reason for so openly flouting the law is sheer desperation.

The elite may be tied to each other by bonds of mutual bribery and powerlust, or be motivated by socialist ideals or satanist fealty, or may have blackmail materials on each other, or may fear that the fate of Epstein, namely, Hillary-assisted suicide, awaits noncompliance.

And even if their own side spares them, when law and order is restored in this nation, the evildoers face jail, tribunal, and the hangman.

At this point, the Empire of Lies is engaged in censorship beyond what the Soviets ever dreamed, so all worldly matters are mere speculation.

Let the fear and desperation be theirs, not ours. I urge against rash acts. Let us be still and await the hand of the Lord.