Ban Retracted

I banned the heckler Ingbliss for violations of my rules against heckling and blasphemy but specifically, for announcing that ‘might makes right’ — which, if taken literally, grants me permission to ban her merely on the ground of having the power to do so.

However, I offered this provision: If a single reader will tell me he wishes to continue the conversation with Ingbliss, I will retract the ban.

A reader has done so. The ban is retracted.

APPENDED LATER: Ingbliss immediately reaffirmed that there is no such thing as rights nor justice, courtesy nor honor, nor any reason to treat one’s fellow man with respect, except by arbitrary sentiment.

I feel no such sentiment.

She went on to say that she has learned nothing from the event, and vowed never to learn anything. She holds it to be a point of pride never to listen, never to explain herself, never to answer questions, never to shut up.

She admits, nay, she boasts, that she will add no value to any conversation. She scorns those who do.

I will do the child the honor of taking at her word, as if she means what she says.

The ban is reinstated.