The Beautiful Promises of Hypocrisy

A reader with the earnest yet biblical name of Frank Luke remarks: “If blackface is an issue for the liberals, why haven’t they removed Virginia’s governor yet? Similarly, why is Cuomo facing more criticism for his metoo issues than for putting the vulnerable in danger and cooking the books regarding covid deaths?

“These are rhetorical questions. Pointing out dem hypocrisy is like shooting fish in a barrel.”

Hear, hear.

It was a great shock to me, as an icy-hearted and dispassionate Vulcan, to realize that the logical contradictions, hypocrisy, hyperemotionalism and neurotic behaviors and crazy words of the Left were not merely accidents, oversights, or lapses, nor were they examples of men who desired virtue failing through human weakness.

Hypocrisy is the point. Crazy is the aim. Unreason is the end. Illogic is the goal.

I have recently taken to calling the quislings, slaves, and zombies in service to the enemy by the name ‘the Worldly Powers’, for they are not honestly and sincerely ‘Left’ any more than they are ‘Liberal’ or ‘Progressive’ or any other word used as a mask to hide their inner emptiness, and also far too many allegedly on the ‘Right’ cooperate and collaborate with them.

The Worldly Powers hold out the promise that perfect hypocrisy is perfect freedom.

Once we are all free from the fetters of logic — so the promise goes — and the chains of cause and effect, the conscience will be smothered, the passions set free to explore every fashion of perversion and abomination, the mind set free to roam into the unwalled void of madness, then Utopia will spring forth from arson and riot and mass-murder for no reason whatsoever, just as the forebears of the gods in the Greek pantheon spring full grown out of chaos, or the Norse primordials from the roaring Ginnungagap.

And if Utopia is delayed, this is due to an insufficient sacrifice to the gods of chaos. The hundred million people murdered for socialism in the Twentieth Century, heaped in unmarked graves or herded into gas chambers, were obviously insufficient.

And if any doubter objects that mass murder does not produce worldly paradise, well, the Precolumbian Mesoamericans had an answer for that: this next time our blood-splattered pyramids of sacrifice, ritualistic intoxication of psychedelics, and grisly cannibal feasts will work, and the rain-dances of priests garbed in the leather skins of little girls skinned alive will effect real results, because the real system of the Aztecs has never been tried.

For the hypocrite need never explain anything, and can contradict himself at will, because words mean only what he needs them to mean at that moment.

The Worldly Powers promise the modern world, in effect, the freedom to create and re-create reality ex nihilo and at will.

This is a godlike freedom, at least if we are speaking of the god of mischief from Norse mythology, whose monster children will one day break free and destroy the nine worlds; or perhaps of the blind and mindless gods of chaos from a Lovecraft story.

The regal, just and virtuous supreme being of monotheism is of no interest to them. To them, the omnipotent is not free enough.

If God will not to act against His own perfect and divine nature, then for Him to contradict Himself is meaningless idea.

This limit makes insufficient to sate the lust and powerlust of modernity, for, without self-contradiction, the modern man cannot do what he most desires: to break the rules he enforces on others, to win the rewards, material or spiritual, he never earned and does not deserve. Without hypocrisy, this is impossible. Without hypocrisy, nothing will  quell the whisper of conscience.

The divinity of Jehovah is not good enough for them. They crave the divinity of Chaos and Old Night.

And why should not the postmodern student of postrational schooling believe all these modern promises? He has been trained to be infinitely gullible when it comes to blatant nonsense and rabble-babble, and invincibly skeptical only when it comes to the self-evident.

Modern physics has assured the posthumans that subatomic particles are immune from cause and effect, and have properties without having properties, and persist through non-existence, and change when observed from non-being to being and back again, so why not larger things, like nations and cultures and worlds?

Modern economics has assured the posthumans that goods can be consumed before they are produced, and that inflation creates wealth, so why not simply revoke the law of supply and demand by an act of legislature, and dismiss the scarcity of resources or the disutility of labor by executive order?

Modern science-worshippers prove (by means of unproven assertion) that all men should accept the dictates of labcoat-clad magicians who peep and mutter without skepticism, without question, and without examination. Censorship of contrary opinions is the bedrock of the modern scientific consensus!

So why not say men are women and woman are men? Why not say biology is a matter of personal preference? Why not say that photons have free will, but humans do not? Why not scream that global population explosion warming will produce the silent spring of Fimbulwinter and mass-starvation in India by the late 1980s unless emergency measures are adopted immediately, and all capitalist industry and personal liberty is instantaneously and retroactively outlawed? Why not burn cities and kill bystanders if all this nonsense being said is not adored and obeyed? OBEY SCIENCE!

And, meanwhile,  modern political theory says that the only way to support true democracy is to fortify the election by stealing the election.

The modern media-political industrial complex says an armed insurrection is one where the only firearm used was by a police officer shooting a woman without warning, and from behind. Whereas police brutality is when police restrain an uncooperative and intoxicated suspect who dies of a massive drug overdose, and would have died anyway even had he not been restrained.

And modern political theory says a president can be impeached twice without even an allegation of Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. The mere act of appealing to a court of law to settle a dispute over unlawful congressional subpoenas is a violation of the newly-minted transgression of ‘Obstruction of Congress.’

Hence, modern political theory holds that failing to plead guilty on demand is now conclusive evidence of guilt when one is accused of the crime of failing to plead guilty on demand. The names of the whistleblowers will not be revealed, the hearing consists only of hearing accusations, the accused is accuse only of legal acts carried out as part of obligatory presidential duties, and no due process of law be followed. The words Orwellian and Kafkaesque are insufficient.

So the modern mind is an accumulated mare’s-nest and trashheap of talking points and slogans from Nietzsche, whose willpower defines posthuman morality,  that is to say, the immoral morality, might makes right; and from Freud, whose conscience is merely a habituation to arbitrary social norms; and from Darwin, whose reasoning brain sprang forth full-grown from unreasoning apelike ancestors without plan or design; and from Marx, whose doctrines are an intellectual superstructure produced by the class interests of his historically determined economic means of production; but the crown jewel of deep thought influencing the modern mind comes from Humpty Dumpty.

How do honest men avoid being modern? How shall we escape the lure of following the fashions of modern trends in opinion, modern vices and modern perversion, and all the modern vulgarity of speech and manners?

Let us follow the unchanging fashion of eternal truth, unvarying virtue, everlasting beauty.