An Opinion and a Question

Here is Candice Owns again:

My comment: The Pederasts of the MSM celebrate their victory over civilization.

The news media and the Deep State, Corporate America and Big Tech in particular and Satanist pederasts in general, cooperate to create, encourage and glorify Democrat mob violence.

Please note that a peaceful protest where MAGA folk were invited into the Capitol by Capitol Police, most likely at Nancy Pelosi’s order, no one was armed, the protestors killed no one and burned nothing, and yet each are being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and the Satanist pederasts in the media and in public life continue to refer to the event as a riot and as an armed insurrection.

All this is happening in an era of unmatched peace and prosperity in world history. Peace in the Middle East was dawning. Communism was being driven back. Peace in Kosovo had been accomplished. America achieved independence from foreign oil for the first time in my lifetime.

Statistically, the chance of an unarmed Black being shot by police in America between 2015 and 2020, allegedly a systematically racist nation, was less than the chance of being struck by lightning, which, in turn is less likely than an unarmed White being shot by police. Blacks have been granted, de jure, special privileges in hiring and college admissions, and de facto, immunity from following the law — see the OJ Simpson murder, for example, or Rodney King’s resisting arrest. Meanwhile Black unemployment reached an historic record low under the policies of the Trump Administration.

No one has anything to complain about in modern America, not compared to the majority of other times, the majority of other lands.

So why this? Why now?