Iron Man Girl

Joe Biden stealing the election was bad. Is this news worse? I cannot say. All the lamps of civilization are going out.

Rumored last yearIronheart was later confirmed to become a Disney+ series at Disney’s Investor Day presentation, even going so far as to announced Dominique Thorne as the titular character. This both excited and surprised many fans, especially due to the young actress being a newcomer with only two credits to her name.

In February, Dominique Thorne had spoken about how Marvel Studios approached her to portray Riri Willaims in Ironheart. In a new interview, Thorne further clarifies that she didn’t even need to audition for the leading role when she was offered it.

The actress is very easy on the eyes:


As is, for that matter, so was the character as portrayed in the comic

Unfortunately, she is both an idiot and a psychopath, in no way distinguishable from a classic villainess, except that she talks like a seven year old.

And she is supposed to be a genius. Nay, a super-genius, smarter than Tony Stark, smarter than Reed Richards.

Riri Williams, is, without doubt, among the worst if not the worst character ever invented by Marvel Comics, and has the poor sales to back it.

If someone wanted to bring a comic hero into a live-action version, it would have been better to adapt interplanetary bounty hunter Monark Starstalker. This has got to be the most obscure Marvel character of all time. Monark Starstalker appeared in one issue of Marvel Premiere in 1976, and was dropped thereafter.   But he would be more popular. Trust me. At least he has a cybernetic eye-link to his cyborg-hawk sidekick.


Her origin story — and I swear by all that is holy that I am not making this up — is that she wanted to be the victim of bigotry, to be told she could not be an astronaut because of her sex and race. And when no one would tell her this, she pressured her grammar school teacher into saying she could not be Tony Stark.

So she grew up, broke into MIT, stole Stark’s Tech, reverse engineered his armored suit, and now has an A.I. version of Stark telling her how to run the suit. Oh, and her father was gunned down when she was young.

As one of her first acts as a superheroine, she conquered Latveria, declaring herself queen of that country.

I call Richard Meyers, codename Ya Boy Zack to the stand as a witness:

And here:

For the record, here are the panels detailing the origin story. You may have to rightclick and open the image in a new tab to read the immortal dialog:

One wonders why, instead of putting this uninspired race-swapped, sex-changed version into the pages of THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN,  the Woke Department at Marvel cannot take an established character who checks the same boxes of Woke Bingo, such as the unduly overlooked Monica Rambeau (who has an awesome and unique super power, by the way), and shower any needed publicity on her.

The Woke Department could create a story about War Machine or Rescue, aka Rhodey or Pepper Potts, or anyone else who already has a suit of flying super-armor without stealing it.

And heaven forbid they invent a new character with some sort of interesting backstory, difficulty, depth, or real human characteristics than make a heroine connect with the audience.

Oh, no. Never that. That would require creativity and daring. They would have to learn how actually to tell a story.

They must take the goodwill already accumulated to Tony Stark, and shunt it toward a character with no backstory, no depth, no brains, no point.

Allegedly a genius.

I suppose the SJWs are saying that Marvel comics has an insufficient number of intelligent, attractive young black women upheld in public view as armored superheroines to satisfy their unsatified, unsatifiable demands for social something something.

But we know with what uncomely, undisguised, unreasoning hatred the SJWs actually treat intelligent, attractive young black women in public.