A Pinch of Incense Burned to Caesar

When I was an atheist, I was logical, and wanted to be. I thought I worshipped nothing. In one sense, I did worship nothing, and I felt no gratitude. In another sense, I worshiped logic as if it were a god.

As a Christian, it is much more fun. The heavy burden of pride can be thrown aside, and gratitude, thanksgiving, the joy of saying “thank you!” and meaning it, take its place. This is the joy Satan can never know.

Those who worship Caesar, the state, are worshipping themselves writ large: an idol of Man, glorious Man, who is actually the Beast from the Apocalypse, and a destroyer.

Those who worship Caesar are always sad, always angry, always petulant, because they are entitled to — everything. And when you get that to which you are entitled, it is your due, nothing more, and so gratitude, beautiful gratitude, escapes your fingers, and there is no joy.

Pity is what these poor souls deserve. Pity and sorrow.