Time to Repeal the First Amendment

Grim humor from Mark Dice

I like how his microphone simply says “The News” and how no one seems to hear the sarcastic note in his voice.

In the Richard Donner film SUPERMAN THE MOVIE from 1978, the diabolical arch-villain Lex Luther’s plan was to use a nuke to trigger the San Andreas fault line, and drop the coastal regions of California into the sea.

He seems less of a villain now than once he did.

What is to be done? Would raising the voting age to 35 help? Privatize public schools?

Speaking as an intellectual, a lawyer, and a newspaperman, I would be willing to remove the vote from everyone who does not work with his hands. Take the vote from anyone with a college degree, a law degree, or has any connection to the news media. I would be willing to foreswear the franchise on my own behalf, merely to see the class of people of whom I am a member to be disenfranchised likewise. More harm has been done by intellectuals, lawyers, and newsmen to this nation than was done by any plague or famine.

People do not get to be this stupid, as seen in this video, merely under their own steam or lack of it. You have to be educated to this level of stupid.