Cato Says Delenda Est

A follow up from the Lt Col Stuart Scheller.

My comment: This is the way my Dad was in the Navy, and why he was passed over for promotion after reaching Lt Commander. Top brass dislikes officers whose loyalty to the men below them conflicts with licking the boots above.

This is the only time when a man professing his own honor does not ring false, namely, the time when he need not have professed it, for his actions spoke for him. I am profoundly moved.

It is such things that restore my faith in mankind. God bless that there are men such as this supporting our flag, and avowed to aid the upcoming struggle. May God in mercy forestall the folly of the enemy, ere they elevate that struggle to lawless total war.

To those who are tempted to carp, I give you fair warning that I will simply delete any comments from you expressing your contempt for this man, or saying his word is hollow, his cause is false, or his hopes are doomed. You are not fit to wipe his bottom, much less face his face and rebuke him.