Teddy Daniels for Congress

This advertisement restored my faith in the American people.

Here is what I think significant: first, the man is a one hundred percent pure quill badass; second, I give thanks that someone in the GOP is finally, thanks to Trump, willing to call out collaborators amid our ranks (hence the “of both parties” comment); third, quite deliberately, Mr. Daniels flourishes everything beloved of the blue collar workingman that once the Democrat milked for votes and foolishly betrayed: namely, a distrust of cigar-smoking fat cats, chamber music giving way to hard rock, an unvarnished bluntness, bikers with tattoos, American flags, guns, and bigger guns, and, most importantly, a wife and child. It is populism at its finest.

Much in the approach reminds me of the remarkable political ad by Kim Klacik where she walks through Baltimore, and uttering harsh facts.

We may be, God willing, seeing the beginning of a new type of politician, born of the information age, or a return to an old republican ideal, as old as Roman, of amateur politicians who serve briefly, and return to their farms, rather than making a career in the media-political complex, and retiring with several billionaires among their kith and kin.

I suspect that the reaction from the Left to the type of patriotic, bike-riding, gun-toting, beer-drinking imagery will be one of visceral disgust, rather than hatred.

As marshmallow-soft slipper-wearing intellectual myself, I have the typical elitist dislike of tattoos and bikers and loud noises and inelegant modes of expression.

I am not recommending such an attitude, even though I see it as necessary. Chivalry is better than crudity when gentleman deals with gentleman. But when dealing with communists and abominations, chivalry is self-defeating. Barbarians only grasp war to the knife; anything less is seen as weakness.

Elitist refinement is part and parcel of the same distaste the Devil, as disembodied spirit, has for the human body, with its blood and sweat, mastication and excretion, and the absurd method of reproducing the species via sticky bodily fluid ejections. Perhaps heaven made the eucharist a matter of humble bread and drippy grapes ingested by mouth as a sleight against the gnostic delicacy of the Devil and those who follow him, and the belief that the body is a prison box for the soul.

I rather suspect Leftwing elitists, while allegedly upholding the minorities, the dirty brown people, the unwashed masses, the farmhand and factory worker, actually feel disgust for them, because they stink and drink beer and track dirt on the carpet. This disgust only turns to hatred when the unwashed get uppity. Despite that they keep saying America is a vast slave-pen or empire, their attitude is not one of fear, but distaste. They act as if America is a vast waste dump.

This is a common psychological weakness among the proud, and doubly so among those who are so proud they think it normal and right to treat their fellow men as livestock. Jordan Peterson has a simply fascinating comment to make on the relationship between obsessive hygiene and authoritarian personality.

Teddy Daniels the attitude he represents, is almost comical in how perfectly it fits the times in which we live.

TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE was meant to be an irreverent and gross comedy, deliberately crude, absurd, and over-the-top. But the villains of that R-rated puppet comedy were merely bug monsters from space disguised as communist tyrants and babbling terrorists. The villains currently faced by the world are the reality those things mimicked, so indeed our heroes to be the reality those R-rates puppet heroes were mimicking as well.

I suggest his be the campaign song for Mr. Daniels. (Severe bad language warning!)