Eyewitness on the Front Lines

This video was recommended to me in the comments. I have no prior knowledge of Ryan Turnipseed, and do not know his thoughts on other topics, but his report of the condition of the current youth is so sobering, and his suggestions for resistance so wise, that I thought it worth repeating:

To allow the reader to ponder the points with which his remarks close, I took the trouble to write them out. 

Please pay particular attention to the remarks directed to the womenfolk:

How do we fix these problems, then? I have no comprehensive answer. I think that such an answer would be impossible to produce. Being a part of this generation, I do have a few pleas for you, though.

If you do not raise your children, someone or something else will.

Please teach them manners. Be the shining role model that you were meant to be as a parent, so that your children, too, may one day assume that role to their children.

And please, for the love of God, keep them away from the state schools. On top of the absolute depravity present there, the state schools pedal such total propaganda that it is increasingly difficult to point out anything beneficial and correct that is actually learned there.

As for the Zoomers, none of this is meant to condemn them; only to show the lay of the land to those who may have been oblivious to it. To condemn this generation would be ineffective; though this is, by no means, an excuse to continue on in squalor.

This is the time to repent and improve.

To the men:

You have inherent strength that can be harnessed with time and effort. Drop the pornography and vulgarity and realize that.

I personally started going to the gym, which is itself a really low bar to surpass: I recognize that.  My excuse prior to that was that I didn’t have time.  Whatever your excuse may be, I beseech you to stop making it, and strengthen yourself.

Intellectually,  there are always more classics to read and more good knowledge to obtain. We live in an era where the material is accessible only by pressing a few the buttons.  Skepticalwaves (https://www.youtube.com/c/SkepticalWaves), for instance, is doing great works on this front by creating audiobooks of a myriad of modern and classic works. Go and listen.

To the women:

You have an inherent beauty that is only inhibited by your actions.

Take care of your body. Remember that your hair is your glory. Guard your purity, for it is incomparably beautiful.

Fulfill your purpose by becoming a mother to many children, securing the next generation and bringing honor to yourself in a way that is simply impossible for a man to bring to himself.

Above all, to everyone listening:


There is a better life coming soon, much more glorious than anything known to us today. If it is faith that you struggle with, follow the lead of those gone before us, and simply ask.

For it shall be given unto you.