Info on Religious Accommodation

A friend of mine sent me this information concerning how to apply for a religious exemption to the WuHan Flu injection mandates , and invited me to pass it along, which I here do.

The words below are his.

These are the best two sources I’ve found:

This lawsuit is worth watching and may yield a Temporary Restraining Order. The complaint is full of good material. It’s mostly about service members, but is also relevant to civilian employees and contractors. Lots of good material.

Here are some references from the point of view of employers looking for legal reasons to deny the exemption:

Don’t make any mistakes that make it easy for them to reject you!

Someone on the Slack recommends this:

Abortion exemption requests are what they are expecting. They are risky. (1) they are going to claim (erroneously) that fetal cells are used in aspirin and Tylenol and you’re a hypocrite if you don’t also reject them. (2) Wouldn’t put it past them to make a batch of the clotshot WITHOUT fetal cell testing somehow. A kosher shot just for all the silly superstitious objectors like you. Finally a shot you can take that’s consistent with your religious belief. Would you want to take it?

StrategmsoftheRight says to pray to God. If you feel He said “No,” run with that. It’s a good approach that’s hard to rebut, but it’s going to sound arbitrary.

Instead, I think the safest approach is to go Revelations 13:17 on them. It’s the Mark of the Beast, or a precursor thereof. Why didn’t you object to other vaccines? None of them are being used as a basis to control who can buy or sell as in (cite examples where that’s being done right now). There’s even a well-known Orthodox Monk who made such a prediction in 1990:[…]phecy-foretold-of-a-coming-vaccine-that-will-do-exactly-that/

As a Christian, you risk salvation if you submit. That’s a good, valid, and easily defensible argument that avoids the pitfalls of the abortion approach.


My comment:

One option my friend fails to mention is joining the Christian Science Church. The followers of Mary Baker Eddy have refused to comply with mandatory vaccination for over a hundred years.

I am a Catholic, and cannot take injections concocted from the liver cells extracted from living babies killed in the extraction process. This is called an abortion exception, albeit the children in this case were born alive and then killed, not killed in the womb. 

For my coreligionists, these are official statements backing the religious objections of the Roman Church: