More from the Mountain Who Writes

Today’s required reading is a tangential follow up from the last, from the Spiked Club of Clarity, our own Masterfisker, Larry “Yardmoose Mountain” Correia:

I’ve watched sane and rational liberals rationalize the most asinine things imaginable, things which I know are against that person’s fundamental belief system. A really sad one is watching devoutly religious Christians cheer on abortion, because that’s required of them. How do you sleep at night? This post isn’t even about any specific political topic, but how do you profess to believe one thing religiously, but then go against your God because your idols demand it?

I’ve also watched you “sane and rational” liberals buy guns this year because you got terrified of mob violence, all while you still post about how rioters are good, guns should be banned, and let’s defund the police. Hell, I helped a few of you learn to shoot! You fucking know who you are.

Hypocrisy sucks.

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