Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Counts

To arms, citizens. Pray, give thanks, rejoice, and prepare for Establishment-sponsored riot and tumult.

Let us also remember the self-restraint and remarkably accurate marksmanship of Kyle Rittenhouse which he demonstrated during the night in question. It is such prudence, self-discipline, and skill that we should attempt to imitate when protecting homes and neighborhood from the Establishment.

Remember to wait until the Establishment-sponsored rioter or arsonist actively threatens life or limb before firing. Consult your local laws concerning duty to retreat and other factors that may mitigate a plea of self-defense. Photographic evidence of the event is crucial.

If the Democrat Establishments control your police, they may have been ordered to stand down, or to assist the rioters. Obey all lawful orders.

Use caution, use proportionate force, use proper gun discipline and safety.

And rejoice. Our Republic is not yet beyond saving. The Establishment and their rioters were not able to intimidate the jury.