The Leviathan of Time, Chapter One: At Mount Terror

Note: the following is a tale first published in  ALL MEN DREAM OF EARTHWOMEN AND OTHER AEONS, and is made available here as a courtesy to my readers.

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The Leviathan of Time is now posted.

In which Prince George leads two squads of King’s Own Royal Virginia Regiment against the Enemy, an ultramundane organism known as the Leviathan.

The field of battle is in eastern part of Ross Island, Antarctica, 77°31′S 168°32′E, between the twin volcanos of Mount Erebus and Mount Terror.

Despite uncommon valor in the face of insurmountable odds, the men gave a good account of themselves, but fail of their objective.

The date of the final revised version of these events, before subjective redaction, is estimated as the First Day of May of the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Sixteen, which, in the unpruned branch of history, is Year Forty of the reign of George VII, by the Grace of God, King and Emperor of Britain, Australia, India, Dutch Pennsylvania and Greater Virginia, Lord Protector of the Holy Land.

Dates, as ever, are subject to revision. Nonetheless, the brave sacrifice of these good men, despite any subsequent imposition of ontological unrealization, ought not be forgotten by the contrahistorical record.