Woke Hath no Fury Like a Woman Scorned

A reader with the Homeric yet quirted name of Thersites observes:

I suspect the seething hostility that contemporary Woke progressives pour out toward working-class white people is essentially the bitter hatred of a spurned lover.

In the 1930s, Marxists and Socialists were utterly convinced that the Tom Joads of the world were naturally on their side, needing only mild prodding to enthusiastically take up the red banner and erect the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

As time wore on, it became increasingly obvious that this was nothing but a fantasy, and working-class whites the world over wanted nothing to do with overeducated leftists’ delusional utopian fantasies.

Thus left-wing parties throughout the Western world have found it expedient to replace them with a new class of workers from the third world, more politically docile and compliant because they are alien to the republican traditions of self-government that Westerners inherited from Rome. It’s like a woman shacking up with a feckless, ne’er do well loser whom she deludes herself into thinking is a great “catch”, purely so she can spitefully rub it in her ex-boyfriends face.

My comment: I suspect you are correct, and I suggest we add one more feather to the cap:

The Woke are filled with the fury not just of a woman scorned, since the proletarians rejected their love, and with the grief of a widow in mourning, since the Marxist dreams of European dominion died and were buried when the Berlin Wall fall, but also with the bitterness of an exiled prince whose subjects overthrew him rather than adored.

The Woke are Gnostics, therefore they see themselves, by right of their moral and mental superiority, as having the right to rule and to command and to be worshipped as Divine little Caesars. They want harems of pretty women, or, more likely, pretty little boys, to pleasure them sexually, while idols of massive marble and gold are erected above all the toppled steeples and burned churches of the world.

Most of all, they want revenge on Christ and all his followers, for doubting their ultra-divine ability to solve all worldly ills. Even Christ cannot abolish poverty in this age, but the Gnostics, thanks to the magic powers of their ineffable self-worth, can and shall!

When the hosts of those they sought as subjects, slaves, and worshippers turn away, only hollow rage remains. They no longer dream of Utopia, only of destruction.