Happy New Year!

Well, aside from the stolen election of 2020 not being corrected, and Trump being reinstalled, and the perpetrators hanged by the neck until dead, I feel the passing year was not as bad as it might have been.

That heaven sees fit to punish American infidelity by louting the face of the nation beneath the muddy jackboot of Media tyranny, whose hypnotic control over the unwary twists into ever more absurd knotworks, I can raise no syllable of objection.

I am sad we deserve what we are getting, and I am sad we are getting what we deserve.

After promoting the notion that men are women and women are men, sodomite has a sacred right to wed his catamite, which same sacred laws grant mother the right of prenatal infanticide over innocent babe, while preventing the state from outlawing contraception, sodomy, or divorce, how small a thing it is to promote the notion that a senile and corrupt old basement-dwelling child-sniffer who could not fill a lecture hall won the election by an historically unheard-of margin, all the winning votes coming from compromised machines, during unexplained halts in the vote counting, in mathematically impossible proportions, with totals not matching voter rolls — whereupon calls for an audit were shouted down with insane fury, fought tooth and nail, and those peacefully gathered protest the miscount were demonized as armed insurrectionists.

Any nation so addicted to sin that they are willing to side with the tyrants coming to ruin and reduce them has little room to complain of the tyranny when it comes.

But even in this, there is a drop of comfort: for the deceived are beginning, alas, if ever so slowly, to wake, and realize that false flattery is poor fare, leaving one famished for truth. The self-deceived will never wake, but they are few in number, and gather power over us only due to our permission or indifference.

I am no prophet, nor is any science fiction writer, but history shows that when a regime, or an ideal upholding it, loses credit with its victims, the collapse of confidence is rapid rather than slow, like glass being shattered rather than like a sea cliff eroding.

In this case, the regime is a kingdom of the mind, an Empire of Lies, promoting political correctness, and the idea that truth is subservient to the enlightened compassion of political convenience, or even hostile to it.

Political Correctness is the only philosophy in the history of man which both proposes that there is no moral order, no objective truth nor untruth, and also proposes that true morality consists of distorting, suppressing and silencing the truth.

This year saw the greatest disenchantment with the Fake News since the day when Trump plucked the phrase out of the Enemy’s mouth and threw it back in his face.

So the year could have been worse. Much worse.

Americans are still held as hostage behind enemy lines, but we have seen no evidence of atrocities being carried out against them, no videos of their heads being sawed off by knives, as I expected.

Economic collapse promoted by China’s agent in the Oval Office still threatens, but some mercy of heaven has, so far, prevented the downfall. We have inflation but not the hyperinflation these circumstances and policies should have already triggered.

I also expected the  invasion of Taiwan, and I wonder why the tyrant of Asia delays. I am most grateful that the Third World War, so far, has not erupted into an open, shooting war.

I expected terrorist bombings and mass murders to resume on American soil under Obama’s third term, as they had been under his first two. This has not happened.

I am very grateful that the United States has not erupted into the Civil War the Elite are so eager to provoke, but I am also heavy with sorrow to see that no clear path to escape that war seems open.

The Enemy has declared their willingness to engage in insurrection against the government of the United States in the only way their crooked brains and black hearts can manage: by accusing others of what they intend. When they cry “insurrection, insurrection, tyranny! Worse than Hitler!” they are not raising an alarm, but expressing a battle-slogan and a blueprint.

The Enemy means to “fortify” the nation. Let us thank the guarding angel of the departing year that he did not allow that to happen on his watch.

On a personal level, my friends and family survived the epidemic of the China Virus, which, as best I can tell, ended around Easter of 2020. As ever, once the grown ups solved the problems, the DemMediaCrats rushed in to declare the problem unsolved, proposed to expand the government to solve it, and exacerbated it.

One or two persons known to me indirectly, friends of friends, have died this year, but this was not due, as best I can tell, to the virus, but was due to the  injection allegedly meant to vaccinate against it. In reality the jab is a Messenger RNA gene-therapy health supplement, which neither vaccinates nor  immunizes against catching nor transmitting the disease.

My only regret is that I was not as productive this year as is my wont, rarely hitting by two thousand words per workday goal, but the prayers of friends will perhaps came to my aid in the year to come, and days of weariness recede.

As of the time of this writing, I am on Chapter Five of Book Four of STARQUEST.

Uncompleted projects of Moth and Cobweb and Somewhither hang above me, mockingly out of reach,  while those who read these books as children grow old. I mean to resume work in them, if not in the coming year, in the next.

In both cases, suspending work seemed a wise financial decision at the time, and in neither case were the hopes on which either decision was based justified.

Half a decade separates me from the traditional retirement age of 65, and I have yet to generate sufficient income from book sales to quit my dayjob and begin my career as a full time writer.

On the other hand, Professor Tolkien had a dayjob, as did C.S. Lewis, so perhaps I am in good company.