Manrepairman on Antiwhite Nihilism

Divine providence lead me to read a column by a writer with the humanitarian restorational name of Man-Repairman. It is called Antiwhite Nihilism and voices conclusions with which logic compels me most strongly to agree.

He begins thus:

… As of 2020, 7% of Americans identify as black Christians. Most Americans today, if asked, would verbally identify themselves as being Christians. However, based on the beliefs and behavior that I and others have personally observed, this is not the case. Many nominal Christians, to varying degrees, do not actually believe what they claim to believe. Most people in the United States have a syncretistic belief system comprised of some Christianity mixed with ideas pulled from the wider culture.

He continues:

Now to explain Antiwhite Nihilism.

The “antiwhite” part is pretty easy to understand on its face, and it is the less important concept. I use that term as a modifier for the core of this philosophy – nihilism. Nihilism rejects the concept of objective truth. Truth doesn’t exist. Or it exists but cannot be known with any degree of certainty. Or it exists and can be known, but it doesn’t matter. Antiwhite nihilism can be summarized thusly – it is a philosophy which abandons truth in its attack on whiteness and/or white people. Most people probably wouldn’t self-identify as nihilists (more would be willing to identify as explicitly antiwhite), but their philosophical foundations are logically implied by what they profess believe.


Specifically, the modern incarnation of Marxist thought that currently dominates American culture is nihilistic. Marxism rejects the concepts of objective truth and rational thought as a tools of white supremacy. In fact, antiwhite nihilism can largely be seen as originating from modern Marxist thought. To such people, there is no “truth”. There are only competing narratives. Marxism posits that the dominant ideology of the ruling class cannot be maintained for long simply through violence.

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(Note: I am flattered the author links back to my columns on THE LAST CRUSADE, showing, it seems, our respect is mutual.)