RPG Ascendant

This game was developed by a friend and comrade-in-arms in the culture wars, as well as my editor for one of my magazine gigs. He is also a gamer and game designer. Because he is that awesome. The words below are his. 

RPG ASCENDANT is currently #2 on the bestseller list at DriveThruRPG. That’s the highest any of my games has ever climbed in the rankings.
The reviews are awesome.

  • “Not only is the action as high paced and spectacular as any comic book, the actual play is as smooth of a system as I’ve ever seen.” – Jordan M
  • “The artwork is first rate, and the layout is very clean, with everything nicely colour-coded and easy to read. Not quite sure how so much information was squeezed into so few pages (I mean, yes it’s 500 pages, but it feels like it should be a lot more), but at any rate, it’s impressive.  All in all, 10/10 for both mechanics and presentation.” – Mark C
  • “Fast playing, heart pounding actions and great art.”-Zach A.
  • “This thing flies like a spandex-clad demigod. It plays fast and furious, the way a comic book inspired game should. Ascendant has dethroned TSR Marvel as my go to choice for superhero gaming, which is not a small feat.” – JOAO

If you  have friends who’d like the game, or are active in communities that would be interested, or just want to buy 6,000 extra copies for your home RPG museum, now is the time. Please send your friends the links below.

I’m trying to rally enough buyers to win the precious top spot. I’m not far from overtaking The One Ring and it’d be nice to be able to call the game a #1 bestseller, since I have a follow-up graphic novel coming out next year for it!