Poetry Corner: How Bravely Brass

A an untitled poem I wrote in my youth, which I just found in a shoebox. Enjoy

How bravely our brass-throated trumpets brayed
How bravely our empurpled ensigns flew
Oh! A magnificent sight we made
As bravely we charged, spears held high, and fell to.

Burdened we were in our sweat-stinking mail
Partly blind, wholly deaf in our heavy chain cowls
Calls mute in the clamor, chaos and travail,
Choked by the stench of fear-liquefied bowels.

How ugly the sight as we fell and we bled
Unwound guts, pumping stumps; man wailing like child
Ugly the sight as we cowered and fled
Dropping shields, trampling friends, disordered and wild

The brave tales we heard were far, far from true
Yet we gather tomorrow to battle anew.