Search Slant

Sorry if the graphic below is of poor quality, but I wanted to capture and compare the whole of the first page, and top priority, of the search results for Google and for DuckDuckGo of the same phrase “Names of Prayers.” — I wanted to a see a list of prayers like the Paternoster or Ave Maria and so on.


In case these results are too fine to read on your browser, let me mention the highlights.

Google returns a top result, which gives the names for Islamic daily prayer; related questions, of which four are Islamic, one Christian; then eight webpage results, of which seven are Islamic, one Christian; three image results, of which all are Islamic; two video results, both Islamic; eight related searches, all Islamic.

DuckDuckGo returns ten webpage results, of which nine are Christian and one, the Wikipedia result, is Islamic; and eight related searches, of which seven are Christian, and one is Hebrew.

There are no Hebrew results prioritized by the Google algorithm to appear on the first page.

For the record, both searches were done at the same hour, from the same browser, on the same date (23 March AD 2020, the Feast of St. Ethelwald, Week of the Third Sunday of Lent).