Washington Examiner Won’t Say Vote Fraud

An interesting, if disheartening, article from the Washington Examiner:

New report: 255,000 ‘excess votes’ for Biden in six key 2020 states

John Lott, of MORE GUNS LESS CRIME fame, looked at the vote counts in several key battleground jurisdictions for the 2020 national election, and discovered the obvious.

Candid observers since roughly four in the morning, election night, have known that the sudden inexplicable and mathematically impossible vote dumps for Biden, with no votes for Trump and no downballot votes, in numbers just sufficient to put Biden over the finish line, were as fraudulent as the hand of a card sharp with one or two aces too many.

The Washington Examiner hastened to add a disclaimer:

Lott, who runs the Crime Prevention Research Center, said that his report was not meant to overturn the 2020 election but to reinforce the need for changes to voter identification, absentee voting, and provisional ballots.

“The point of this work isn’t to contest the 2020 election, but to point out that we have a real problem that needs to be dealt with. Americans must have confidence in future elections,” he wrote.

One need not be a Vulcan riding a Houyhnhnm to see the illogic in this. We cannot have “a real problem that needs to be dealt with” regarding fraud in the 2020 election if there was no fraud, or if it were insignificant. Whereas, if there was significant fraud, then the results must be contested. And one need not be a Houyhnhnm with a Vulcan on his back to point out the folly of closing the barn door once the mare has escaped.

Please note the nonchalant understatement of the curtain line:

The findings are likely to continue fueling questions raised by Trump supporters and the former president himself that an election they saw going their way on election night turned against them after midnight.

Fueling questions, is it? I am not sure why the editors of this newspaper see this as newsworthy. It does not report anything not known to all observers since fourteen months ago.