The Pill and the Shackles

Freddy deBoer laments the inability of the plague-bearers to admit their plague of campus censorship exists.

His remarks are here, and worth reading. (

This specific case he mentions is this: In 2015, the undergrad newspaper of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut published a student an op/ed that slightly criticized BlackLivesMatter. The Enemy mounted a student campaign to have the newspaper defunded and destroyed, and, even though the effort failed, the paper now self-censors.

Even a stroke that misses, if the victim quails, strikes home.

The mindset of the witch-hunt does not allow for any slightest admission of error by the witch-hunter. No one wants to be the first to cease applauding for Stalin.

Mr. deBoer concludes with this remark:

Is the concept of an exception itself now rejected in spaces dictated by “social justice” mores? I think it is. The ratchet only goes in one direction. And what they all understand very well is that the only way to avoid ever being the condemned is to always side with the prosecutors.

My comment:

I believe the nation is under a curse, which we brought upon ourselves by three steps.

1. legalize contraception. This places sexual gratification above the sex act itself. Inevitably, this leads to

2. legalize sodomy. Sodomy is a sin in part because it is a fundamental falsehood, for it makes “man and wife” equal to “sodomizer and catamite.” Once the under-man’s anus is equalized to the womb of the wife, inevitably this leads to

3. legalize gender dysphoria. Male and female distinctions in law and custom are abolished, with the absurd and inhuman results we see all around us: schoolchildren being groomed for homosex, the elite patronizing private islands devoted to statutory rape, male athletes beating females in swimming, weightlifting, wrestling, magazines awarding “Woman of the Year” to eunuchs. Self-mutilation of the genitals is normalized; chemical castration of boys is applauded, and permitted in courts of law; girls sterilized. No motherhood for them, never.

This is all being done, but it is not being discussed.

Once falsehood is apotheosized as the passkey to legal and social equality, liberation, and supremacy, falsehood must rule and reign.

The reign of falsehood requires censorship. Falsehood is a cripple who cannot wrestle the truth, therefore all wrestling matches between false ideas and true are forbidden.
And, when free speech is gone, all freedom goes. We sold our birthright for a mess of infertility pills.