Jinjang by Iris Paustian 

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Jinjang by Iris Paustian 

As different as Night and Day.

Tender One lost her beloved brother, and now someone in this unfamiliar, underground Night Dweller community wants Tender One dead. If she can overcome her culture shock, maybe she can discover the truth before anyone else is harmed.

Nub is fascinated by Tender One and her people—but he is also the prime suspect. Will Tender One reject this stranger who looks nothing like her people? Or will she find the courage to follow her heart?

And then Tender One discovers a dragon’s egg!

As cultures clash, love is kindled and mysteries unfold on Jinjang, the world where a year is but a single day.

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Available here: https://www.amazon.com/Jinjang-Iris-Paustian-ebook/dp/B08RBBP5HT