The Summer of Love

Let us recollect the Summer of Love, and bring some of the images before the inner eye of memory, shall we?

My comment:

Look closely. This is the face of war. This is the face of the enemy.

January 6th was, at most, a legitimate political protest against an illegitimate confirmation of a crooked vote count.

Many agents provocateur lured a few hotheads into acts of trespass and disorderly public conduct in the Capitol building, including assaults on police officers.

The police had been cut to half staff, and the National Guard, which was on hand to help maintain the peace, was told by Nancy Pelosi to stand down. Film shows Roy Eps urging the trespass; film shows Antifa members changing into MAGA hats and Trump gear; film shows uniformed guard waving protestors into the building, and them filing in, taking selfies, staying within the confines of the velvet ropes in an orderly fashion.

No officer was killed that day by being battered by a fire extinguisher, or in any other way. The only person shot was Ashley Babbitt, unarmed, unwarned, and given no chance to surrender, and she was shot by the Capitol Police.

As our local version North Korean corporate-media-political complex attempts to inflate the trespass of that day into an insurrection if not Armageddon, it behooves us to ponder the record of the fiery but most peaceful protests.

These protests were held, not for any legitimate reason, but only in response to race-baiting falsehoods propagated deliberately in a media-induced gaslighting delirium frenzy, and urged and encouraged openly by Leftwing political leaders and funded by Leftwing corporate sponsors nationwide. The criminals were not investigated, and, in many cases, not prosecuted nor even discouraged by Democrat politicians or Soros-funded States Attorneys and Prosecutors.

Meanwhile, Kyle Rittenhouse, a youth, who defended property and life from the rioters was subject to a continual barrage of disinformation and defamation unparalleled in history, arrested and tried as a murderer, and continues to be harassed to this day.