Vaping and Big Pharma

I heard a report on the radio today whose accuracy I have not bothered to check: that the Biden Administration, despite that the product itself is not illegal, has decided to ban Juul e-cigarette products from interstate commerce.

A caller to the radio show was a representative for various “Vaping” concerned, and said he had researched the health question of the product extensively before taking E-Cig companies on as clients.

He testified that vaping, which delivers nicotine to the user in a vapor form, was developed by cigarette smokers trying to cut down or quit this highly addictive habit, and was remarkably successful.

Contrary to what you have heard, nicotine itself is a harmless mild simulant, akin to caffeine. It is the tar and smoke by-products of tobacco which make them carcinogens and kill one’s taste buds. Nicotine is a drug your physician can proscribe as a stimulant.

But the Pharmaceutical companies, who sell much more expensive and less effective anti-nicotine addiction products, do not care for the competition. They have merely campaigned to have the government shut down the safe and effective way to quit smoking, to sell their patches and drugs.

So the advocate for the vaping community said.

I neither doubt the man nor vouch for him, having no familiarity with the topic, hence no ground for either.

But, if his testimony is true, it explains what to me for so long as seemed a puzzlement: namely, why “activists” who worked so hard to ban smoking and delegitimize it would work against vaping, which, by all accounts, helped smokers quit.

I recall hearing of vehement efforts to have vaping banned on the grounds of one user, once, who used his e-cigarette apparatus to smoke some other drug or chemical, and died of an overdose.

And, at the time, I could not puzzle out who in the world would be so illogical as to think taking another drug, not nicotine, served as a grounds for banning e-cigarette nicotine use.

As well ban motorcars because a suicidal Volkswageneer drove off a sea-cliff, engine puttering, and plunged into the sea.

In the current day, it is safe to assume that all “activists” are activated by plutocratic paymasters until proven otherwise. Even the Marxists and Hatewhitemanists seem to funded by Soros, urged on by CNN, bailed out by the Kamala Harris.