DW’s Secrets to a Successful Marriage

An unparalleled menagerie of conservative wisdom, gathered in one place, addressing what is, sadly, the most controversial topic of our time, the nature of marriage:

My comment:

I saw this when it first aired, and was so impressed, that I showed it to the wife the next day. I was very pleased and very impressed that these gentlemen, from the highschool grad Matt Walsh to the doctor Jordan Peterson to the exquisitely feminine Candice Owens, from the young Michael Knowles to the venerable Andrew Klavan, the phlegmatic Dennis Prager to the peppery Ben Shapiro all agreed on the basic truth that women are happier when feminine and submissive and men when male and dominant.

It ran so shockingly against the sickness of Marxist egalitarianism, by which I mean envy, that runs through our every modern thought and modern institution that I was flabbergasted.

Prager was mildly flabbergasted as well: he makes a comment to that effect later in the conversation, saying that nowhere else could one hear people speak in real terms about reality on this topic.

Everyone’s remark was wise. All spoke with that combination of reverence and cynicism, practicality and idealism, which is the hallmark of wisdom, moored in reality, feet solidly on the ground, but aspirational, reaching for the stars.

Envy does not allow submission and service to be anything but suffering oppression, nor dominion to be anything but inflicting oppression.

By Marxist logic, the baby despotically oppresses and exploits the mother by waking her at midnight and crying to be nursed; he thereupon robs her of milk. By their gnostic enlightenment, the Woke should see through the false pretense of maternal love, to expose the cruel reality of centuries of maternal slavery to the miniature despots of our toothless and chubby overlords. Amazing how the tiny tyrants conquer and enslave all generations of womankind before learning how to walk, crawl, or roll over.

The Christian mystery, which beat historical pagan injustice and cruelty into retreat, is that the leader serves, he does not lord, and sacrifices. The highest is most high among us because he hangs on a crucifix.

But when a Marxist or Cultural Marxist portrays all leader as exploiters, enslavers, or rapists, he is merely foretelling the crimes in will commit, if ever society is foolish enough to allow him to lead. Such is envy.

The irony here is that these so-called secrets, within living memory, had been displayed and portrayed and lauded and lamented in story and song, jest and ballad, in every way from bible tales to soap opera to situation comedies.

One can see more wisdom and honesty about the nature of the mating dance and the male-female dynamic in GILLIGAN’s ISLAND or Disney’s THE LADY AND THE TRAMP or SLEEPING BEAUTY or BAMBI than in any modern movie, lecture, sermon, or work of fiction, certainly much more than some modern Disney product starring Lady Thor and featuring a female king. All have been poisoned by an addiction to wicked nonsense called Gender Ideology; which is to say, an addiction to falsehood, an infidelity to honesty, a hatred of happiness.