Pelosi Should Repent

Reports say Nancy Pelosi, loyal servant of Antichrist, allegedly Christian, who daily drinks the blood of innocent babies to preserve a hideous mockery of life in her decayed flesh, presented herself for communion while visiting the Vatican, and took the holy wafer in her bloodstained teeth, choking it down despite her vomiting peasoup like Linda Blair.

I cannot vouch for the reliability of such reports.

Many, including myself, wondered why Pope Francis permitted the communion to take place, rather than an exorcism, which would have perhaps been more fitting.

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The article says the Holy Father was asked about distributed communion to pro-abortion politicians, he said, “When the Church loses its pastoral nature, when a bishop loses his pastoral nature, it causes a political problem. That’s all I can say.”

Upon reflection, I must admit, this is wise.

No matter what one thinks of the man serving in the office, the office of the Pope is perfectly correct to speak this way. His job is to instruct and lead the faithful in the faith, and to pass on the teaching. His job is not policing political policy.

Once a politician, or a child-eating witch, has been warned not to present herself for communion, her reconciliation to the Church would not necessarily be public, for the same reason no one knows the name or face of anyone in a confessional booth, or what sins he confesses. Using public denunciation to shame the powerful can and has been done by saints in the past, and may be again, but it is not the ordinary way the Holy Mother Church operates.

After all, if confession, or penance, or reconciliation, is not done voluntarily, of  a pure heart, how is it done at all?

If a soul seeking damnation wishes to eat and drink damnation by taking communion when in a state of mortal sin, once it is clear that he knows full well the meaning and consequences of his act, will not heaven stand aside, and a leave him to condemn himself freely? Should the pastor serving heaven, at least in the normal course of things, not likewise do so?

I do not know the state of the soul of Nancy Pelosi. That knowledge is not given to mortal man. The Church is an immortal and eternal reality which has come among mortal men in this temporal world, with the mission to save souls. The saints do not need to be saved, but the sinners doomed to die.

It would be better for Pelosi’s soul, and more to her merit, that she freely and voluntarily cease her rebellion against God and God’s most holy law, and freely seek reconciliation. The matter is intimate and ought not be discussed in the newspapers.

However, at the same time, I do hope that the Supreme Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith would resume some of its traditional duties, seek out heresies, and turn perpetrators over to any secular magistrates willing to punish such crimes by burning at the stake. I realize that cruel and unusual capital punishment for heresy is not currently within the ambit of Constitutional law in the United States, but I believe the Permanent Public Safety Committee of on January Sixth has unofficially repealed all due process protections and constitutional limitations, so the legality of an Inquisition may be open to question.

If their side can punish folk for thought-crime, why not our side? If I cannot live in America, where speech is free, I would rather live in Christendom under Mary Queen of Scots than in Dystopia under a Drag-queen.

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