The Logic of Contraception

Transgenderism and feminism are logically incompatible: women cannot be an especially oppressed group with a group identity, akin to proletarians suffering under capitalists, if men at will can enter or women leave the group, merely by changing wigs, ingesting hormones, or suffering self-inflicted genital mutilation.

Please note that Marxist theory says no one wins the rigged game of capitalism. Farmers cannot overcome poverty by hard work and patient discipline. It was for this reason that the Kulaks of Ukraine had to be starved and destroyed by Stalin: namely, the living example of dirt-poor peasants accumulating wealth enough to install indoor plumbing was anathema to the theory. Reality had to submit to theory.

Likewise for Cultural Marxism. Feminism preaches that the game is rigged against women, and so no woman can be successful by her own effort. Only Big Brother can save her, and he must be given absolute, untrammeled, unaccountable power, to do so.

But if any woman can, at will, shave her hair, don trousers, and become a man, or any man in wig and lipstick become woman, there is nothing innate about womanhood granting victim status: it becomes voluntary. In a world where the only moral law is the law of consent, this undermines the whole prospect of feminist utopia.

One reason why I joined the Catholic Church above all other denominations, was that back when I was an atheist, cold logic, very much against my will and inclinations, told me that contraception was a grave moral ill.

Contraception proposes sex is not sex. It severs the sex act from sexual reproduction. Once sex is not sex, then sex is a pleasure and pastime, like any other, merely a sport like mixed doubles tennis, where two sexes are required to play.

But if sex is not sex, then any act which stimulates or simulates a sexual response is considered one and the same: is sodomy is copulation, then gay marriage is marriage.

But if gay marriage is marriage, so that one can have two bridegrooms without a bride, or two brides without a bridegroom, then women are men and men are women.

Each door leading to the present moral catastrophe gripping the Western World was opened by a prior door, leading all the way back to Eden. But a major door opening to all this insanity, a significant turning point, and one even most Christians will not admit is against reason and religion is when contraception became licit. As with divorce, the Anglicans take the lion’s share of the blame here, albeit all who cooperated are complicit.

Be fruitful and multiply is a divine command; commit orgies and rape children and kill babies is from hell.