Orange Man Bad … But Florida Man Worse

The plutocrat controlled news media seems to be gearing up to the next, boringly predictable, bout of mouth-foaming, epileptic histrionics. Even though Trump is predictably the next Republic candidate for President in two years, God willing, the news wants their brain-zombies ready, willing, and able, like a hypnotized Pavlovian Dog, to suffer spastic fits of schizophrenia delusion on command, and riot, and burn, and loot, and murder.

And this is because, the next major Republic political figure, regardless of who or what he is, must be worse than Trump and infinitely worse.

Once the lunatics are down screaming that a New York liberal with patriotic leanings, i.e. Trump, a man not originally any more rightwing that, let us say, John F Kennedy, is worse than literally Hitler, the lunatics have already screamed up to an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. The panic is infinite and absolute, so they cannot get MORE panicked.

Nor can they dialed it back.

That is the key, at long last, it took me so long to figure out about Leftists. They are in a fishtrap of overweening pride.

It explains why they contradict themselves, never look at evidence, never use logic, never follow the science, but claim to do all these things, and everyone else of not. It explains why all they want, each time they call for dialog, is for you to shut up. It explains why, each they call for compassion for the poor and downtrodden, they organize forced abortions, mass starvation, torture camps, and genocides.

It explains why kindhearted Leftwing grandmas who would never harm a fly support the USSR, Red China, Communist Cuba, and all the torture, murder, madness, and gulag-life that implies: a society where children turn their parents over to the secret police for torture.

It explains why none of them mean a word they say, not a syllable, not a letter, not the jot above the smallcase iota.

They are not trying to lie to you. You are not a real person to them, but a shadow-puppet, merely a player in their own internal pscyho-drama. They not trying to lie to themselves. Whether the words and beliefs are true or false means nothing. These are not categories in their mind.

What they do is recite phrases and toy with notions that momentarily assuage their ever gnawing guilt. The phrase either works or does not work as an opiate. Whether it reflects reality or not never comes up. They do not look at reality, or care if reality is really there. The porthole from their inward mind to the outward world has been bricked over.

The explanation is simple, and fits the available facts.

They are just people who have lost that part of their brain which allows a man to admit and learn from a mistake.

The ego part of the brain over-inflated and crushed it aside.

So no one with the Leftwing disease, regardless of political stance or policy stance on any issue, can ever admit he is wrong, can never back down, can never apply the brakes.


Not even when the new policy is 180 degrees opposite the old policy, such as completing Trump’s border wall. When he did it, racist, when we doing it, were are merely cleaning up the mess he made.

And so on. The economy is better now than when it was booming. The Southern Border is more secure now than when it was secure. War with Russia under Biden is better than Peace in the Middle East under Trump. Gas prices are falling. The Rout of Afghanistan was a triumph. No one made any errors or miscalculations. We meant to leave a billion dollars and more of topnotch military equipment in enemy hands and reignite the worldwide Islamic terror groups. And so on and on.

Oceania is at war with Eastasia; Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. And so on and on and on.

So melodrama is the order of the day. Every word must be a maximum volume, every statement as outrageous and inflammatory as possible.

Each crisis the worst imaginable, requiring immediate action by a government armed with more than totalitarian powers, and without debate, reflection, sense, or due process. Until the next crisis, which is one hundred zillion brazilian cotillion
kablamblooeehoueyzoeytrilliongbillionmillion more worser absoluter than the last time, beyond trans-infinite. And the next is worse yet.

No matter how loudly they scream, they must scream louder next time, lest they seem insincere.

And yet, somehow, their policies never work, and Baal never ignites the fires under their sacrifices, if you take my meaning.