Coop Le Presto on Celeborn’s Glory

I found this comment while wandering at random amid the wilds of social media, and asked Mr. LePresto to share it with you. The words below are his:

Shout out to my man Celeborn.

According to the Rings of Power, Galadriel is THE MOST insufferable, toxic, unlikable, arrogant, conceited, self-centered, RETARDED, elf on Middle Earth and one of the most incompetent leaders you could have the misfortune of serving under.

Yet between then and Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring, she marries Celeborn and turns into the absolute pinnacle of loveliness and grace, adored by all, powerful yet humble, tactful, respectful, wise, and compassionate.

A complete 180, and for the better. And all it took was “putting up her sword” and getting married.

The shrew has been tamed.

It’s unintentionally based. Celeborn, we salute you.

— Coop LoPresto