Shoot the Devil

New anthology has a story of mine in it:


Ten of superversive’s finest team up to bring you tales from a serial killer’s basement, to the weird west, to the average small town, all featuring “mostly” ordinary men and women fighting back against the forces of darkness.

Quoting from some early reviews:

This is a nice collection of stories from various authors attached to the loose-knit “Superversive” movement about humanity coming face to face to unspeakable evil … and shooting it, punching it in the face, or otherwise demonstrating that while it might be unspeakable, it’s not unconquerable. Some of the stories pick up on existing universes I’m familiar with or aware of, while others stand alone, and a few, such as N.R. LaPoint’s entry, got me interested in seeing if they’re connected to other works.

Recommended for anyone who wants high-action or spooky reading where the good guys actually win.

Every story in this anthology is either 4 or 5 stars, mostly 5s. I enjoyed the stories that would fit best in the “pulp” style, such as LaPoint’s Phantom Ridge. John C Wright can always be relied on to craft a small story that has a feeling of depth and scope far beyond the single-room setting. L. Jagi Lamplighter and James Pyle are authors I’ve read in other anthologies and they do well in this one. Declan Finn, of the Saint Tommy series does exactly as well as you’d expect, since fights against demonic forces are basically his wheelhouse. Overall, I’d give this anthology 4.9 out of 5. I didn’t love every story in this anthology, but that’s probably due more to personal taste than the quality of the writing.